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Black River Action Team

101 Perley Gordon Rd

Springfield VT  05156


20th Annual RiverSweep: Mission Accomplished!

Springfield had 20 volunteers wrangling trash and rusted metal and 60 tires, more grilling hot dogs and providing rest for the weary BRATs!

Students from Cavendish Town Elementary School hit Greven Field and Cavendish Gorge to tackle trash and kick back some Japanese knotweed.

Ludlow Elementary School students scouted around the banks of the river in downtown Ludlow to find plenty of "treasure."

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What began as a one-time cleanup of the Black River in southeastern Vermont has evolved into a full-blown grassroots watershed organization.  Welcome to the wonderful, wet world of the Black River Action Team!

On Being a BRAT
DEC watershed grant plates.jpg

Spotlight on:

"How clean IS the Black River, anyway?"

From nutrient levels to chloride, dissolved solids to bacteria, BRAT volunteers known as River Dippers collect samples from around the watershed to be tested for a variety of parameters.

The River Dipper program is made possible in part by the Vermont Watershed Grant Program, which funded the purchase of several water quality probes in 2019.

Water Quality

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